Yoga and meditation first found me in a dusty used bookstore, when a book of such fell off the shelf and into my lap, quite literally. as a teenager there was always a sense that there was something bigger to this existence. there was never any suitable excuse, that our day to day superficial layer of existence was good enough for any of us. it is an absolute dreamy wonder at how the practice of yoga made its way to me in subtle webs and flows throughout my absolutely colored and often times tumultuous life. yoga has always presented itself as a soft landing among the harsh challenges of existence.

In a humble effort to give reverence to my soul’s very own crash landing pad, I was blessed with a compass that brought me to venture into the life changing experience of the 200-hour teacher certification program at Mount Madonna Institute in California. there really is nothing like learning the depths of yoga in the cocoon of ancient redwoods with a silent living saint to greet you, as you bow to your own surrendering.

I am a passionate spirit junkie, and to further compel my training on the mountain, I have been blessed with various yoga training's and workshops in Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for Veterans, Kids Yoga and more. each training has welcomed me even deeper through the layers of yoga.

After owning and managing a yoga studio in the Bay Area, CA, my own personal practice has navigated itself through the radiant world of Kundalini yoga. this ancient technology, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, combines the use of mantra, mudra, pranayama, and kriyas (or yoga sets) to create a beautiful dance of awareness and optimal mental, physical, and emotional health. yoga has never only been about the physical movements for me, but about finding the golden seat of my own soul.

As I am a creature of multi-layered inspirations, my passion has become my lifelong motivation.

I truly believe every person I meet would benefit from the ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga.

To put my ten bodies where my mouth is, i am so humbled to teach Kundalini yoga classes and workshops in my community and beyond. 

I truly believe that it is our duty to elevate our own selves, to elevate the universal consciousness of this planet.

We do this through practice and divine grit. This is our spiritual activism.

This is our duty.

We must serve and feed our own divinity, to truly change the world.







Yoga Certifications

+ Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Level 1 200 Hours
+ Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Level 2 Mind + Meditation
​+ Yoga Teacher, Mt Madonna, 200 Hours

Healing & Life Coaching

+ Life Coaching Certificate, Interchange Institute
+ Reiki Healing, Level 1 + 2


Personal Declarations

yoga teacher. energy healer, light maker. life long and avid student of the universe. writer, adventurer, warrior of love, intuitive + empathetic, gypsy hippie oil freak. 


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"This wonderful woman knows how to hold space for an amazing class. I had never felt so integrated into a yoga class. I had never felt a connection with everyone in a class like we were all in this together, helping each other help ourselves. Everyone who participated agreed and we all stayed afterwards trying to comprehend the magic that had just happened. Agia Tera Kaur is so so so knowledgeable about what she teaches."




As you embark on your journey through Kundalini Yoga, you may find yourself longing for the basic knowledge of this this practice. Diving into the world of Kundalini Yoga can seem daunting as you navigate the plethora of layers of this vast and potent practice. 

​With my heart and soul, I have curated this free download for you to learn, just as I have, the pillars of this practice and the values it holds. This book is meant to create a soft landing pad as you experience your own exploration into your divinity.

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Free Download, From My Heart To Yours.