ascend + soar

 in your highest vibration

a 40 Day Virtual Sadhana

with Jessica Hutto + Agia Tera Kaur

Ascend + Soar 40 Day Virtual Sadhana

40 Days Daily Practice with Virtual Collective Consciousness

Starting Sunday Feb 24th-April 5th (New Moon in Gemini!)


Join us as we commit to a daily practice of 11 minutes (or more if you want to) of a Kundalini practice we have picked that is all about setting you up in the highest alignment with your highest self! Integrate Kundalini yoga + meditation into your life each day for 40 days from wherever you are, whenever you are able. 

ascend + soar

 in your highest vibration

a 40 Day Virtual Sadhana

with Jessica Hutto + Agia Tera Kaur

Open to all.

Please note the virtual group started already. We are all at different places in our 40 Day Journey.


Discover the spiritual practice we use to elevate our vibration, create unshakeable confidence, and live an intentional life.

The Ascend + Soar 40 Day Sadhana program inlcudes:

+ Full Video and instructions of Meditation led by Jessica Hutto + Agia Tera Kaur


+ 2 Live stream practices (1st and 40th day)


+Free ebook: Divine Grit Kundalini Basics + Sadhana Guidelines


+Meditation Mantra + Instruction Sheet


+ 40 Daily Journal Prompts

+ Ascend + Soar 40 Day closed Facebook group lifting each other up


+Weekly live videos by Jessica on shifting your mindset/growing confidence


+ Support  + Accountability with Jessica and Agia Tera Kaur AND the entire program community


we had  it all wrong:

I get it, I’ve been there. 5 years ago, I was at my rockbottom- I was living in a home in a city I felt out of place in, and working in a job I hated. I didn’t think I could afford to leave. I had problems in my marriage. I wasn’t listening to my own intuition. I was people pleasing and neglecting my own needs. I had postpartum depression, and I didn’t think anything else was possible for me.

My limiting beliefs about myself were holding me back from the life I wanted to live


Perhaps you’ve been there before?

I decided at moment that things needed to change. I refused to accept that this would continue to be my reality. I clung to any hope I had and took scary but small baby steps towards getting my life back on track. I started going to women’s circles, taking mindset courses, and hired a spiritual coach.


Once I shifted my internal situation, my external circumstances shifted as well. My marriage improved, I was able to manifest my dream home in my dream city,and I started feeling happier all around.


Then, last year I found Kundalini and my life truly shifted in amazing ways. The happiness become sustainable, no matter what the current circumstance. Life started to flow and my intuition grew. I realized I didn’t have to “become” anything, I just had to Rise Up to who I had been all along.


It helped me uplevel to a new way of being. And now I’m here to share both the mindset and Kundalini magic with you. Will you rise up with me?

transformation doesn't require pain...

I am one of those people who has lived many lifetimes in just this short stint on this earth. From a young age I was faced with very challenging circumstances (and a shit load of blessings too!). By the time I was in my teens, I had experienced multiple forms of sexual assaults, was a habitual runaway often times living on the streets in Berkeley, CA. 

My self worth was only visible when I was high on drugs and/or falling madly in love with ANYONE who was more wounded than me. I was intelligent, gifted, and beautiful, and yet all I saw were my imperfections. The world was constantly just HAPPENING TO ME. I barely tried to know myself because I was my biggest frenemy.

Once I turned 20, I decided to SHAPE UP. So I married my childhood sweetheart (think My Big Fat Greek wedding), and got pregnant on my honeymoon. Shortly after the birth of my daughter I had a full blown anxiety attack that eventually broke me free from this alternate fake reality I had created for myself where everything was perfect. I soon found myself a single mother + and completely RAW + VULNERABLE. For the first time in my life, I had to face my imperfections and figure out who I WAS. The road to the present is so rich with stories to tell.Now I am married to a wonderful yogi//truth seeker and together we have a blended family of 6!

My journey is filled with so much experience + lessons + aha moments + WTF's. The path is ever unfolding. I am here to tell you that getting to a place of knowing your highest self + place of power doesn't have to be painful. It just has to be consistent. Divine grit leads to transformation. It is breathtaking how 40 days of deserving devotion will catapult you right into your golden throne of divinity. No matter your story. 

This is why we are dedicated to showing you how to Rise UP to your highest self.


Because we know it’s possible for YOU.

The truth is, this divine energy is inside all of us, and happiness is your birthright.

Are you ready to:

▲ up level your life?

▲ release limiting beliefs?

▲ increase confidence?

▲ tap in your authentic truth?

▲ own your divine self-worth?

▲ become a magnet for what you desire?

▲ raise your vibration and that of the world?

your higher self is waiting for you. it's time to embody her.

We know this spiritual practice and 40 Day Sadhana works because we have used the exact process to create a major shift in our own lives.


We are living the life we love and full of abundance, joy, and love!

Frequently Asked Questions 


Do I need to have experience with Kundalini Yoga to participate?

No experience is necessary! Each purchase of Divine Stream sessions include my free ebook Kundalini Basics. It is recommended that you read this through before practicing with me. You can access it from your login page, under lessons.

Can I practice whenever I want?

Short answer, YES. And... it is really really really helpful to set time out early in the morning that is for YOU and your practice. By carving out time each day at the same time, you are building up a habit of self-love + devotion. Life happens. The most important piece is to show up. Whatever time of day it is. EVERY DAY.


How will I know what to do? 

Once you sign up, you will gain access to videos, printouts, and more that will outline the program and meditation. We got you!

Why 40 Days? 

Every single kriya (yoga sequence) or meditation in Kundalini Yoga changes us in very specific ways. If you practice a kriya a few times, you receive a wonderful benefit. But if you want to permanently change your habits, and realize the full effects of the kriya, we practice a particular kriya or mantra every single day for the same amount of time. By practicing every day for 40 days straight you will break any negative habits that block you from the expansion possible through the kriya or mantra.

What if I miss a day? 

You don't want to know how many times I have missed a day.... and had to start all over. It SUCKS! AND! It is all part of the unfolding. The process must be trusted. 

You miss a day, you start over. No big deal. All of our material will be available to you as long as Divine Grit is. Which is hopefully, forever.

How long will I have access to the materials and group? 

All of our material will be available to you as long as Divine Grit is. Which is hopefully, forever. 

I can’t access the Live Stream. What could be the problem?

1) If you don’t have any events listed, either you haven't purchased a Divine Stream session.

2) If the "Join Session' button remains grey, it means the session hasn’t started yet.

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