Divine Grit Society is YOUR Kundalini Yoga practice. 

A platform for your own self-qualifying sovereignty.  

A humble library of unfolding wisdom for you, a student of this universe and all of its alchemy. 

The soulfully  rooted training ground for you, the spiritual warrior the world is calling for.

They say that if your intuition draws to to even watch a kundalini practice, it means that you have been practicing for many lifetimes. 

 Welcome home Yogi.

Everything You Need. Practice Anywhere. Anytime. 

The Divine Grit Society is a monthly membership and a divine tool kit for diving deep into the potent technology of Kundalini Yoga, while aligning with the divine elements of numerology, astrology, and more. 
Divine Grit Society provides you with Kundalini Yoga kriya and meditation videos, recording classes, divine live streams, lunar + numerological insights, supporting downloads, and more-- to empower you to get back on the throne you rode in on. 
All within an online sacred container of community, or sangat.
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Start Here: Land on Your Sheepskin

No matter where you are on your journey, we all need to start somewhere.

Within the Divine Grit Society, you have a place to kick off or come back to.

Here you will find videos and downloads to get you started or refreshed as you land on your sheepskin. 

Kriyas + Meditations

Every month a new intentionally chosen kriya and a meditation are uploaded for you to experience + practice every day. Each kriya + meditation deeply intertwined with the astrological and numerology energy of the month. 

Each kriya is an action that leads to a complete manifestation. Practice one or all of the kriyas that unfold as we go, at any time.  

Planetary + Numerology Alchemy

The cosmos provide us insights on how to understand ourselves more deeply. 

Each month you will be given video insights on the current astrological forecast, Akashic numerology and how it all ties into you, your journey, and the world around you. The best part? The ENTIRE Divine Grit Society curated content is based on this cosmic alchemy.

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Livestream + Recorded Classes

11th Lunar Day Divine Streams: We will use this powerful Lunar day, to activate our Tenth Gate + gather virtually as a collective to connect + practice in lunar sacredness. These are touching class gatherings that are recorded so you can come back to them over and over.

Recorded Classes: Fully recorded in-studio classes will be uploaded each month from Agia Tera Kaur's local schedule Yoga Barn of Pleasanton in California. 

All classes are full length complete with warm ups, kriya + meditation, and relaxation. 

Lifestyle Content

The world of wisdom is so vast. How do you keep up with all the latest fads and routines? You have all you need, and you get to decide what works for you. Small doses. Vast exploration. 

Each month you will be introduced with a new ritual, essential oil, recipe, and morel that have been deemed beneficial with timeless agency to incorporate approachable, yet profound, rituals into your daily life. 

Live in alignment with the seasons, numerology, astrology and current events of the cosmos to bring more peace and vitality to your life.

Intentionally Curated Resources:

As we grow so should our resources. Each month new resources will be added so you can continue to add on to your divine tool belt.

Get an evolving list of Kundalini Yoga:

  • resources
  • book suggestions
  • podcasts
  • supplements
  • clothing and accessories (think turbans and all the things)
  • Official kundalini organizations
  • Other Kundalini teachers + events
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Exclusive. Sacred. Community.

Upon joining, you will be added into the secret Divine Grit Society FB group. Here you will be supported, nurtured, inspired, and encouraged to grow with YOUR community. Gain insights to your own practice, get quotes from inspiring teachers, get close and personal with guest speakers, meet like minded soul family members, and focus + expand into your own spiritual growth. 

Agia Tera Kaur will do live pop-ups and Society Chai + Chat sessions for us all to connect with each other. 

Everything you need to tap into your grit to dive deep into your own Divinity.

We are cultivating an intentional community of like-minded souls. It's important to us that you know this is the space for you to heal, grow, connect, and transform.

Try the Divine Grit Society for yourself free for 14 full days. 

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Dive Deep
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Establish your soul connection. Listen to your soul speak. 

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Unleash the vitality within you. It is your birthright to feel alive. 

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Inner Healing

Qualify the healer within. Transform pain and trauma into power.

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Respond to the world wtihin and out from a place of neutrality. 

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Be more connected. With all of yourself, community, the universe.

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Grow a sense of purpose.
Deliver your destiny. 

Join the Sangat
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✦ You see signs all around you that it is time to ignite your own Kundalini Yoga practice
✦ You want to open your heart, receive universal prosperity and dive deep into the work of your own self-healing
✦ You are ready to show up in this world as the most radiant, passionate, and divine version of yourself
✦ You crave the accessibility of support and learning from an experienced, approachable, and soulful teacher
✦ You're ready to align your spiritual journey with the cosmic happenings: eclipses, lunar wisdom, energetic portals, planetary line ups + retrogrades and more
✦ When you hear your soul speak, it yearns for more ritual + intentional lifestyle change
✦ Your heart is blossoming towards a community that is authentic + all-inclusive -- no matter what you are working through or unfolding into
✦ You are ready to show up as your truest self and live your most authentic life (even if you are still developing your fearless heart)
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Dive Deep for the Year!
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The interface is easy to navigate and I love the thoughtful downloads I can refer to as I figure out all the different pieces of this practice. 

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Everything about the Divine Grit Society feels like home. If I need support, I know I have an entire community and Agia Tera Kaur to guide me. 

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Being a total newbie I was very intimidated to start Kundalini Yoga. The Start Here module gave me a platform to take the plunge and stop doubting.

I am a Soul Alchemist.

A Life & Spiritual Mentor.

My focus is to guide you into tapping into your Divine Grit to break through the stories + experiences of your life THAT ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED (no matter how painful, traumatic, or challenging--  


This is your birthright.

This is Divinity.