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intimate connection with self

It is your birthright to feel alive.

It is your birthright to experience an unshakable sense of aliveness, clarity, and prosperity.

The ancient technology of kundalini yoga has been used for thousands of years

to get you back on throne you rode in on.

A Divine Soul Session is more than a private Kundalini yoga class. It is a session that utilizes a variety of tools within Kundalini technology + akash numerology + soul alchemy + intuitive insight to create a practice  that is based entirely on your needs. 

Agia Tera works with you to create a practice suitable for where you are now and designed to take you where you want to go.

No prior yoga or meditation experience necessary. Book now and get the personalized instruction necessary to develop a greater understanding of kundalini yoga and its many benefits including optimizing your vitality and deepening your connection to your soul.

A Divine Soul Session is more than a class:

A Divine Soul Session includes:

+ One 30 minute virtual initial Divine Soul Consult to connect, share, and gain intuitive insight on areas in your life deserving more clarity. 

+ 1:1 90minute Divine Soul Session to dive deep into your practice. Each session is either offered in person (local only) or virtually and are recorded


+ Exclusive access to the Divine Grit Kundalini Satsang Facebook group 

+ Being seen and hear with Agia Tera Kaur 



+ Free digital booklet: The Divine Grit Pillars of Practice (Kundalini Yoga Basics)!

+ Crystal + Essential Oil suggestion, selected for your practice enhancement

You were born to be radiant and prosperous.


Divine Truth:
You already are.

Activate your divinity.

what divine  soul  sessions are not:

  • a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment

  • a spritual bypass. 
    in fact you will courageously journey to the heart of it all and transform from the ground up. 

  • a self-help fad or dependency spiral
    unless you call relying on your own intuition and self worth "dependent".

  • a short term solution with short term results.
    this is the gateway to a life of deserving devotion. it is long term awareness with life-long impact. 

divinity is an inside job...

I have been known in my family to be the one who always took the HARDEST WAY possible to get what I wanted. It was often times at the expense of my dignity, safety, heart, and more. Taking the long way around caused me so much pain. (I almost wrote unnecessary there, but really--- that is a detail that is so significant to me now.

And the truth is, I wouldn't change a thing about my life or the choices I have made or the situations that happened around me. At the time of some pretty traumatic experiences, I felt the world was always happening TO ME. 

When I incorporated the technology of Kundalini Yoga everything changed. I was faced with the truths of my own experiences and began to understand that my life was happening in Divine Alignment, but that I was just too busy trying to fill my needs with anything BUT my own divinity.

I learned that divinity isn't something to attain or seek. It is something I was born with.

I just needed to get back on my throne that I rode in on. 

And that my soul sister & brothers, is what Divine Soul Sessions are all about. Getting YOU back on the throne you rode in on. Because, all that you are yearning for: peace//clarity//love//happiness/healing//TRUE power. ALL OF IT. Is your divinity.

And I would love to be the one to enable you to get back on that throne and get you set up to journey it all in your own divine alignment. Are you ready?

I know first hand how accessible all this divinity stuff is.
It doesn't have to take heartache and pain.
No traumatic lessons or abusive/expensive experiences. 

This divine truth is inside all of us.

It just takes your own

Divine Grit to utilize the resources available to you.

Divine Grit Manifesto

you deserve to be free

to be the one shaping your own experiences + stories

to transform trauma + pain + anger into Super Powers

to be prosperous and successful

to be loved and in love

to forgive yourself

to do the work

to live from a place of amplified clarity

you have everything you need 

your own divine grit

 Are you ready to light up this world and those around you with your

divine radiance?

get back on the throne you rode in on)

What you are about to embark on isn't easy. It takes commitment and dedication to YOUR SELF.


I know this spiritual practice works because I have used the exact process to create a major shift in my own life.


Not only am I living the life I always imagined, I now have a new base + foundation to which I respond + react to the world. It's my own golden throne. 

The best part? When I slip off that magical seat, I have a practice and mindset that helps slip right back on. 

Have no idea where to start? That's not true. Your intuition led you here. 

Are you ready to:

  • address imbalances in your life?

  • thrive instead of survive?

  • uplevel your life?

  • release limiting beliefs?

  • ease disharmony?

  • tap in your authentic truth?

  • own your divinity?

  • have the world happen through you instead of AT you?

  • live a life that is inspired + inspiring?

  • amplify your vibration and that of the world?

Divine soul  investment


divine soul session:



divine soul sessions:


Each initial Divine Soul Session and bundle package includes

+ One 30 minute virtual initial Divine Soul Consult to connect, share, and gain intuitive insight on areas in your life deserving more clarity. 

+ 90 minute Divine Soul Session(s) to dive deep into your practice. Each session is offered in person (local only) or virtually and are recorded for you.

+ Exclusive access to the Divine Grit Kundalini Satsang Facebook group 

+ Being seen and hear with Agia Tera Kaur 



+ Free digital book: Kundalini Yoga Basics

+ Crystal + Essential Oil suggestion, selected for your practice enhancement

Frequently Asked Questions 


Do I need to have experience with Kundalini Yoga to participate?

No experience is necessary! Your Divine Soul Session includes my free digital booklet, Kundalini Basics. It is recommended that you read this through before practicing with me. You can access it from your login page when you purchase your session.

Additionally, we will go over your level of experience with yoga, Kundalini technology, and any obstacles or challenges you feel you are facing, before a session is curated for you. This means, your Divine Soul Session will be perfect for where you ARE and where you want to BE.  

What am I signing up for?

Your divinity (no big deal)! More in context though, you are signing up for a rich, personal, intimate and potent self journey through your own inner divinity, with me as your wing-woman.  


After the initial 30 minute Divine Soul Session consultation, you will be given a Divine Soul Alchemy booklet, hand curated just for you, that includes overviews on Kundalini Yoga Technology (including the Ten Bodies, Tantric Numerology principles, Areas of Self-Mastery, Sadhana Guidlelines, 40 or 90 day journal prompts, and more. 


In this booklet you will also receive meditations/kriyas to help you up level your areas of self-mastery, a personalized Spotify playlist, essential oil + crystal selection, and your own mantra to keep you going strong!

Your commitment: To show up in your truth. 

My commitment: To be a soft landing as you journey into your own divinity utilizing the technology of Kundalini Yoga. 

Where do Divine Soul Sessions happen?

The short answer is WHEREVER you are able to show up, fully present and ready for what unfolds.


Divine Soul Sessions are meant to be accessible to YOU. They are mostly done virtually (and recorded for you), which means you can do them anywhere that is sacred, quiet, and free of interruptions. Upon purchase of a Divine Soul Session, you will be given a checklist and ritual suggestion for clearing and making space for your practice.

In person sessions are only done locally in Livermore, CA. Sessions are typically held in the Divine Grit home studio or other location of choice. 


How will I know what to do? 

Once you sign up, you will gain access to the Kundalini Basics digital booklet, printouts, and more. Together, we will your very own Divine Soul Session together over a virtual 1:1 consultation.
I got you!

Why is a Divine Soul Session 2 hours? 

A typical Kundalini group yoga class is about 75-90 minutes.


A Divine Soul Session is 2 hours to ensure you are able to fully utilize the technology of Kundalini Yoga. It is 2 hours of grit, bliss, and diving deep into your divinity. Based on your needs, you will have a specially curated practice that not only involves a kriya, meditation, and any other elements that seem fitting. This could include tarot or oracle card readings, writing exercises, Gong sound healing, or just holding space for processing your experience.


Every Divine Soul Session is unique. 

How long will I have access to the materials and support? 

All of the material will be available to you as long as Divine Grit is. Which is hopefully, forever. 

Are payment plans or scholarships available?1) If you don’t have any events listed, either you haven't purchased a Divine Stream session.

Payment plans are available.

Yogi Bhajan, always talked about the importance of the energy exchange between people. Those who are being given yoga at no charge need to contribute in some way. There needs to be something that honors that place where—no matter what our birth circumstances—we are each autonomous, sovereign. This is healthy and creates equality.

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Divine soul sessions

Divine Stream Live Stream

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