Classes at Yoga Barn of Pleasanton
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Kundalini yoga classes that alchemize complementary modalities including: breath work, sound healing, astrology, numerology, aromatherapy and more for an overall transformative experience.

Each class offers a transcending soundscape, powerful Kundalini kriyas and deep meditations. Each class is designed to strengthen your body, tone your mind and awaken your spirit.

All bodies, all levels welcome.

200 Ray St. Pleasanton, CA 
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Self-Qualified Initiator

You have the right to 
self-qualify and initiate your own journey to igniting the light of your soul.

Students of the Universe

You have the stars and planets to guide us, and the alchemy of this earth to support us. All portals to our own wisdom.

Spiritual Warriors of Truth

It's time conquer inner doubts and insecurities so you can stand for truth and be lit from your radiance within.


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Agia Tera Kaur