If the planet Saturn is symbolic of the kundalini energy lying dormant at the base of the spine, M A R  S  is the activate energy of the kundalini.


The esoteric Mars force, Inner Fire, or tejas is the cardinal bodily energy or drive. Its symbol is the red triangle and its prime center is behind the navel (the Svadhishthana chakra). The esoteric Mars force is the first manifestation of Kundalini. Kundalini is a whirling, fiery energy stored at the base of the spine. Mars is the heat of the fire (Kundalini) that rises in the body and energizes its energy centers.


'When Saturn’s murky sphere [Manipura chakra] is cleared, and Jupiter ascends the throne, a mist of dazzling whiteness rises upwards. This distills upon the earth [body] a pure, sweet, and fragrant dew [the Dew of Heaven or Manna], making it soft in the process. It stirs great winds at its center [Jupiter, see the Wheel of Fortune] that carry our Stone [Kundalini] upwards. Up there [head] it is imbued with heavenly [superconscious] vibes. When it [Kundalini] descends again to its nurse, the earth [body], it takes on a corporeal form, but retains the power of the superiors [the three higher charkas] and inferiors [the four lower chakras]. This living gold [sublimated Kundalini] is ‘that which is, but does not appear until it pleases the Artist to do so. This is the secret of perfection.’

– Philaletes, The Three Treatises


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