Divine Grit Society

Divine Grit Society

Embrace. Devote. Commune. Radiate.

The Divine Grit Society is a monthly membership and a divine tool kit for diving deep into the potent technology of Kundalini Yoga. 

Being a member provides you with Kundalini Yoga kriyas + pranayama + meditation videos, weekly divine live stream classes, cosmic + numerological insights, soulful downloads, and more-- to empower you to get back on the throne you rode in on. 

All within an online sacred container of community, or sangat.

Explore it free for a week.
$27 a month after that. 

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What's Included:

  • Cosmic Monthly Overview: Each month, align with the cosmic happenings of the universe, lunar insights, and Akashic numerology.
  • Kriyas + Meditations + Pranayamas:¬†New videos every month¬†for you to experience + practice every day. Each are selected to further deeper your universal alignment.
  • Weekly Divine Stream¬†Classes:¬†Live classes weekly that are fully recorded classes¬†and uploaded each month
  • Virtual Community:¬†Access to the¬†Divine Grit Society Facebook group with multiple events with special guests and deep dives into video content.
  • Intentionally Curated Resources + Offerings:¬†New resources and discounts for virtual offerings are included to all members.

    • Digital Kundalini Mantra guide

    • Divine Grit Kundalini Basics digital book

    • Special pricing for Divine Devotion programs (the Divine Grit 40-Day Daily Practice challenges), Divine Grit virtual courses, and virtual retreats

    • Insider access to upcoming in-person retreats

    Explore it free for a week.
    $27 a month after that. 
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Endless Benefits to Your Practice


Embrace the journey of self-discovery with an open heart.Transmute pain and trauma into power. Peel back all the layers, revealing the divine + authentic you.


Anchor your essence in unwavering dedication. There is magic here. With aligned monthly content immerse your being in resolute commitment.


In DGS, we don't just connect; we commune. Each virtual gathering is an invitation to unveil the boundless potential that unfolds when hearts and spirits commune.


Awaken the life force within. Feel the pulsating energy that is your birthright, radiating brilliance from your core. Let your inner light glow up the world.


Divine Grit Society is made for you.

Divine Grit is. made for you.

A platform for your own self-qualifying sovereignty. A humble library of unfolding wisdom for you, a student of this universe and all of its alchemy. A soulfully rooted training ground for you, the spiritual warrior the world is calling for.

They say that if your intuition draws to to even watch a kundalini practice, it means that you have been practicing for many lifetimes. Welcome home Yogi.

Explore it free for a week.
$27 a month after that. 

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