"This wonderful woman knows how to hold space for an amazing class.I had never felt so integrated into a yoga class. I had never felt a connection with everyone in a class like we were all in this together, helping each other help ourselves. Everyone who participated agreed and we all stayed afterwards trying to comprehend the magic that had just happened. Rebecca is so so so knowledgeable about what she teaches.

She embodies the teaching in and outside the studio. She's constantly adding to her studies of Kundalini by attending workshops, teacher training's and attending classes by teachers who taught her. She instantly made us all feel so welcome, like we had known her for years. Such a genuine human being which to me is one of the most comforting attributes of a yoga teacher. I could go on and on about the benefits of the class, mentally, physically, spiritually...

The greatest thing about this class for me was meeting Rebecca. She quickly became a mentor to me and a friend I can always trust. This class and Rebecca's teachings became a launching point for my personal journey and I am forever grateful to have made so many honest, loving friends along the way."


"Rebecca is so incredibly heart-oriented; her presence is penetrating and her love radiates far beyond the physical.

​Rebecca’s attention is rich with a pure dedication to serving the greater good. it is clear that she is putting her heart and soul into the healing words she speaks. she is highly creative; she brings forth abundant ideas that are personal, sensible and tailored to the individual.

Her commitment to spiritual productivity is unparalleled. she is the ultimate partner and coach on the path to amazing personal growth. ”​


"I didn’t come up with this phrase, I read it somewhere else, but when I saw it, I recognized it as an apt description of my dear friend and teacher, Rebecca.

I was fortunate enough to meet Rebecca during a rare local in-studio kundalini yoga class. That studio wasn’t open long, and I’m convinced that part of its raison d’etre was so that she and I would meet.

It was in her own gentle fusion-style yoga classes, suffused with the heavenly scent of essential oils, that I began to come home to myself. It was there, in savasana, that I “remembered” that it’s okay, and then later, even necessary, to love myself, and to take care of myself in ways that express that love, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

We get so busy with the details of our daily lives and events that it’s easy to forget that we ourselves are worthy of our love and attention, just like the other beloveds in our lives. 

Through her friendship and through the classes she leads and facilitates, Rebecca provides a sacred space for us to explore, create and share aspects of ourselves that we otherwise might not feel safe putting out in the world.  Under her calm, igniting guidance, she inspires us to find and claim our place in the world with confidence and grace."

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"I’ve been working with Agia Tera Kaur through her Divine Soul Activation program for about 9 weeks now. I asked Agia Tera Kaur to work with me on developing a comprehensive Kundalini program because I was at a place in my life where I wanted to stop being miserable all the time. I felt like all my energy was caught up in anger and anxiety, and I was catering to my fears, like “I can’t do this because then it’ll make me feel blah, blah, blah.” And when I met Agia Tera Kaur I was so conscious of the power she was working with. She was doing these intense exercises—holding poses and breath work—and sharing her story—and I realized I wanted some of that. I wanted to transform the energy I was devoting to negativity into power that served me.

And so we set up a meeting and when I told Agia Tera Kaur some of my story and what I wanted from my life, she listened to me with such deep focus—and yet she didn’t buy into any of the BS I was selling: “I just need to do this and that and then I’ll be worthy...” kind of thing. She put together a program for me that is radical in its simplicity: she challenged me to grow my friendship with myself, to deepen my personal resource—to own my spiritual practice and my journey. She’ll be the first person to tell you it’s hard and sometimes you’ll hate your practice and sometimes you’ll feel like an idiot chanting your mantra. But she’ll also show you that with the practices you develop that you can grow your roots deep. So that when the storm winds blow you bend, but do not break. Maybe you even come to make friends with the breeze."

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"I was lucky enough to reconnect with Agia Tera Kaur after many years. When we sat down to reconnect, I was drawn to her description of this offering. Now, I am fully immersed into my Kundalini yoga practice and have successfully completed 128 days straight of a daily practice. 

Since undergoing this program I have gotten engaged to the man of my dreams, got accepted into the Doctorate program of my dreams, and have pursued my Reiki master certifications. 

The Divine Soul Activation program is a life changer. "

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"My overall experience of the program was powerfully positive!  
Divine timing and life events led me to Kundalini yoga where I discovered a way to push out toxins, strengthen my inner power and focus my energy in positive ways!  

My wonderful instructor, Agia Tera Kaur, saw that I was struggling and in need of some life changes. One day after class she offered this program to me and supported me through the process. First of all, the Kundalini adhana is a very personal and solitary journey, and I had to learn to rely only on myself to make it happen. Second, going through this experience helped me uncover patterns of a fear of loneliness, and some co-dependency issues.  As soon as I could see these patterns and the associations I was able to begin to release these patterns and let go of the fear and emotions that went along with them.  I stopped seeking help from others and started becoming more self dependent!

These insights, along with many others, came to me on the yoga mat within that daily hour of practice.  Any issues I had going on in my life be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, were all worked through on the yoga mat.  Along with the kriyas I used breath-work, meditation, and observing my thoughts and insights.  I laughed, cried, pondered and prayed.  I learned a lot about myself!  

My favorite part was the journaling.  I am a bit of a writer, and I would like to some day write a book.  Well, this daily practice had my mind and my pen moving!  I began to become more aware of synchronicities, and Life showing me examples through experiences that taught me about myself and my relationship with others.  This part of the process helped me to observe myself and my reactions to people and my environment, and make improvements where necessary.  I saw that resulting differences of when you change yourself within, your whole experience of life changes!  

When my instructor told me about my numerology and my special mission to carry out through this practice I was in awe of how much more important it suddenly was, it was bigger than just me!  My mission kept me motivated to keep it going consistently every day.  I also noticed that after my practice my days seemed to go by much more smoothly, with more positive interactions with people.  Everything seemed to be in more balance, inside and out.  To my surprise, I made it 51 days!  I will definitely do this program again in the near future!"