Ancient Alchemy

A Journey of Lifetimes

Marrakech, Morocco | Jan 5 - Jan 12, 2025

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Ancient Alchemy

A Journey of Lifetimes

Marrakech, Morocco |February 24- March 2, 2024

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A Journey of a Lifetime

An luxurious adventure to the world-famous luxury retreat center, Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech, Morocco.

Immerse yourself in self-discovery and luxury in ancient lands.

This is a retreat that has it all. 

Journey through Ancient Lands

Traverse the mystical landscapes of Morocco, exploring ancient lands that hold secrets of time, unveiling rich tapestries of wisdom woven into the fabric of this captivating country.

Soulful Transformation

Experience a transformative odyssey, blending ancient rituals with modern insights, nurturing personal growth and igniting inner healing for a harmonious soul evolution.

Yoga Infused with Legacy

Engage in yoga practices woven with ancestral threads, tapping into the depths of traditional Kundalini yoga and philosophy, fostering spiritual alignment and profound mindfulness.

Alchemy of Inner Power

Learn the art of transmuting life's challenges into potent inner strength, leveraging ancient techniques to turn adversity into empowerment and resilience.

Sacred Adventure

Encounter the enchantment of Morocco through guided explorations, merging cultural immersion with spiritual quests, offering a unique tapestry for mind, body, and soul.

Community and Connection

Join a soulful collective, fostering deep connections and supportive bonds, creating a sacred space for shared growth, understanding, and unity.

    Retreat Overview

Sunday Jan 5th-
Sunday Jan 12th 2025


What is Included: 

Included in Ancient Alchemy Retreat: 

  • 7 nights at the luxury retreat center Peacock Pavilions
  • Airport Transfers * 
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinners
  • Daily Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practices
  • Guided tour of Marrakech and the Medina
  • Day trip to Atlas Mountains with lunch and guided hike at Kasbah du Toubkal
  • Day trip to Scarabeo that includes camel rides and a beautiful meal among stars
  • Les Bains de Marrakech Hammam + Massage day retreat with shopping and lunch
  • Organic Moroccan Cooking Class
  • Outdoor cinema of Casablanca
  • Henna and cocktails party
  • Authentic Moroccan entertainment
  • Mentorship and personalized guidance

What’s not included:

  • Your flight to/from Marrakech
  • Meals and activities that you do on your own (not on schedule)
  • Tips for the staff (we recommend about $50-$100 for the week)
  • Gratuities, Alcohol, Souvenirs

Retreat Costs + Acomodations

A space for ALL of YOU. 
Options to pay: Pay in Full or AutoPay

Private King $3400.00

(Single Occupancy)

In the sanctum of privacy, behold a chamber steeped in ancestral opulence—a haven adorned with regal mastery. A majestic expanse, housing a grandiose, single-occupancy King-sized sanctuary, and a sanctuary within. An ensuite, a harmonious extension, seamlessly intertwined with the chamber's splendor.

This opulent space, reserved for a single occupant, resonates with a legacy of grandeur, echoing through the corridors of time. 

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Private King $2900.00

(Double Occupancy)

Crafted for harmonious pairs on a shared journey, behold the vast expanse, an exquisite tapestry woven with elegance, a testament to beauty that transcends time.

Within these hallowed walls, discover the embodiment of magnificence and grace, whispered through the ages by those who came before.

A majestic expanse unfolds, presenting a grandiose, versatile King-sized sanctuary, perfect for couples traveling together. 

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Single Bed $2900.00

(Double or Triple Occupancy)

Behold a majestic expanse unveiling a versatile single bed within a shared room, where each occupant discovers personal solace amidst shared space. 

A breathtaking tapestry woven with elegance—an enduring testament to timeless beauty. 

This opulent space, designed for harmonious cohabitation, echoes with the grandeur of ancient legacy. It is a tribute to ancestral alchemy.

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We are Waiting For YOU. 

Pay in full or use AutoPay to pay in payments. Total amount due is required by Feb 15th, 2024. 

This retreat is for you, if you are ready to:

  • Experience a transformative odyssey
  • Merge ancient rituals with modern insights
  • Nurture personal growth and inner healing
  • Engage in ancestral-threaded yoga practices
  • Explore traditional Kundalini yoga and philosophy
  • Foster spiritual alignment and deep mindfulness
  • Turn adversity into resilience and personal empowerment
  • Explore enchanting Morocco through guided experiences
  • Blend cultural immersion with spiritual quests
  • A unique tapestry of experiences for mind, body, and soul
  • Join a soulful collective of like-minded individuals
  • Foster deep connections and supportive bonds
  • Share growth, understanding, and unity in a supportive community

What Participants Are Saying


Emily- thank you again for hosting & guiding such a beautiful event last night. I am still enjoying the bliss and 24 hours of immune boost today from the laughter, joy, and cleansing we all shared. Thank you again and have a beautiful week!


Rebecca's presence is penetrating and her love radiates far beyond the physical. She brings forth abundant ideas that are personal, sensible and tailored to the individual. She is the ultimate partner on the path to amazing personal growth.

Your Ancestral Alchemy Retreat Guide: 

Rebecca Noelle

Rebecca is a potent retreat guide and space holder, who is able to weave a unique tapestry of transformation and self-discovery.

Rebecca, as a Kundalini Soul Alchemist, empowers individuals to connect with their inner wisdom and divine potential. She offers an enriching and soulful retreat experience that transcends the ordinary, inspiring profound growth and self-realization.


Rebecca seamlessly combines her extensive training—accumulating 900 hours of yoga teacher certifications—with a profound intuitive healing journey. Her purpose is clear: to serve as your conduit to the world of Kundalini energy and the wellspring of divine resilience that resides within you. She firmly believes that you are your own guru, and her mission is to assist you in reclaiming the throne you inherently possess in this world.

She has fearlessly ventured into the labyrinth of her own soul, forging a path of forgiveness and understanding for the pains and traumas, both self-inflicted and beyond her control, that have shaped her. Nothing has accelerated her healing and inner transformation more than her dedicated Kundalini practice.

Rebecca stands as a beacon of wisdom, poised to share the harvest of her lifetime of insights, extensive training, and transformative experiences. Her offerings and events are soulfully curated to serve and empower YOU, guiding you on your unique journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. 

Divine Grit

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