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Experience a live Divine Grit yoga class in the comfort of a local Boise, ID studio.

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Curated with the cosmos and sacred inspiration, Boise, ID studio workshops are not be missed.

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These sacred online events are sacred collective containers for any part of your journey.

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These thoughtful offerings are self-paced, pre-recorded, and designed to support you entirely. 

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Lunar Alchemy:

New Moon Ceremony

Balance Hot Yoga 
Meridian, ID

Come together in community to experience a monthly soulful New Moon ritual with a slow flow practice, kundalini meditation, movement, journaling, circling and sacred sound healing.

Lunar alchemy aligns you with your own inner cycles as well as the cycles of the universe. The New Moon initiates the start of each lunar cycle. It is a potent time to tap into your creativity, intention setting power, and acknowledge your growth since the previous new moon.

These special classes are curated to support you in your soulful aspirations, mindset growth, and physical embodiment. 

Saturdays of the New Moons 6:00pm-8:00pm 

NEXT ONE: Saturday 3.18 Aries 
4.22 Taurus | 5.20 Gemini

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In Studio Classes

Come experience the practice of Kundalini Yoga in the comfort of a local Boise, Idaho studio.

Fridays ✦ 12:00-1:00pm


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The Great Reset: Spring EQX VIRTUAL 

A 40 Day Virtual Meditation

A 40 Day Sacred Container. 11 minutes a day, for 40 Days.

With Rebecca

Sun Feb 5th - Fri March 17th.

This Divine Devotion, is a 40 Day Meditation that has been curated around this healing and expansion--- becoming liberated from our inner wounds so we can expand into our truest version of ourselves, completely U N B O U N D. 

Following your grace is power.
Following your deep knowingness is your birthright. 

During this 40 Days we will tap into the powers of Jupiter (known for the qualities of growth and expansion) forming a conjunction with the asteroid Chiron (associated with healing and personal growth). 

During this time, our potential for transforming our own negative attitudes or keeping us in our wounded state is very powerful.Integrate Kundalini yoga + meditation into your life each day for 40 days from wherever you are, whenever you are able, with the support of a collective group of like minded souls. 

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 The Great Reset: Spring Equinox Event 

 Sunday 3.19.2023
3:00-6:00 PM 

Balance Yoga
Meridian, ID


All that no longer serves can fade with winter as we welcome new beginnings and reset within the infinite field of possibilities with vibrant spring energy. Join us for a sacred gathering of kundalini + yoga, and deep soul connection against the backdrop of dreamy soundscapes of crystal+ gong+ drum sound healing, as we cleebrate the new astrological year.

Complimentary Juice and vegan snacks by FarmacyFix. Mantra infused crystals to all participants.

Mantra infused crystal + Sound Healing IncludeD

In this Kundalini Yoga workshop you will: Tap into your potent courageousness Expand open in your heart space Reconnect with your soul and gain clarity for divine aligned action. Create a divine alliance with the truest version of YOU to get you back on the throne you rode on into this world.

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Megan Bailey

I took Rebecca’s “The Great Reset” kundalini yoga class at Authenic Yoga the evening of the spring equinox. The class was the first time I had a totally immersive experience doing yoga of any kind. She brought in gongs, speciality music, crystals, notepads, a personal hand written letter, and a humorous and welcoming persona. Her husband was in tow, supportive and instructive, and played music throughout. The class brought forth reflective thoughts and ego releasing movements and mantras. I felt like I was the only one in the packed class while simultaneously feeling like the class was one. It was exactly the type of environment that felt safe to step outside my comfort zone. I’ll be back for another.