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Weekly live classes are included in your Divine Grit Society monthly membership.

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Divine Grit Society

The Divine Grit Society is a monthly membership that enables you to dive deep into the potent and ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga. Kriya + meditation + breath work videos, all infused with cosmic insights are uploaded each month-- to empower you to get back on your throne you rode in on. Included in your membership are weekly live classes. 
Coming back February 2024.
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Local and international retreats are a dream come true for me.

Whether in the wilderness of Idaho or the exotic lands of Morocco-- Divine Grit Retreats are intentionally curated, filled with transformation and adventure, designed to balance the divine and the grit in wonderous spaces.

Boise Summer  | Morocco Fall 

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Divine Grit Society

Embrace. Devote. Commune. Radiate.

The Divine Grit Society is a monthly membership and a divine tool kit for diving deep into the potent technology of Kundalini Yoga. 

Being a member provides you with Kundalini Yoga kriyas + pranayama + meditation videos, weekly divine live stream classes, cosmic + numerological insights, soulful downloads, and more-- to empower you to get back on the throne you rode in on. 

All within an online sacred container of community, or sangat.

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Ancient Alchemy

A Journey through the Ages

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Live Classes

Come experience the practice of Kundalini Yoga in the sacred comfort of of your own space.

Weekly classes are live every week within Divine Grit Society- a private monthly membership community.

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Megan Bailey

I took Rebecca’s “The Great Reset” kundalini yoga class at Authenic Yoga the evening of the spring equinox. The class was the first time I had a totally immersive experience doing yoga of any kind. She brought in gongs, speciality music, crystals, notepads, a personal hand written letter, and a humorous and welcoming persona. Her husband was in tow, supportive and instructive, and played music throughout. The class brought forth reflective thoughts and ego releasing movements and mantras. I felt like I was the only one in the packed class while simultaneously feeling like the class was one. It was exactly the type of environment that felt safe to step outside my comfort zone. I’ll be back for another.