About Me

I'm Rebecca.

Nice to Meet You. 

I am here to connect you with your kundalini energy + divine grit so that you, as your own guru, can land back on the throne you rode in on this world.    

It has taken years of commitment to healing myself, forgiving and understanding the pain + trauma of my past (both self-induced and beyond my control).

Nothing has accelerated my healing and inner work more than my own Kundalini practice. It is an honor to take a lifetime  of insights, trainings, and experiences and present to you a platform of offerings and events that serve YOU.

Kundalini technology is a vast toolbox that I am passionate about unpacking with those on this journey alongside me.


Holds Space 

This wonderful woman knows how to hold space for an amazing class.I had never felt so integrated into a yoga class. I had never felt a connection with everyone in a class like we were all in this together, helping each other help ourselves. Everyone who participated agreed and we all stayed afterwards trying to comprehend the magic that had just happened. Rebecca is so so so knowledgeable about what she teaches.


I asked Rebecca to work with me on developing a comprehensive Kundalini program because I was at a place in my life where I wanted to stop being miserable all the time. I felt like all my energy was caught up in anger and anxiety, and I was catering to my fears. When I met Agia Tera Kaur I was so conscious of the power she was working with and I realized I wanted some of that. 

She listened to me with such deep focus—and yet she didn’t buy into any of the BS I was selling. She put together a program for me that is radical in its simplicity: she challenged me to grow my friendship with myself, to deepen my personal resource—to own my spiritual practice and my journey. 

Pure Dedication

Rebecca is so incredibly heart-oriented; her presence is penetrating and her love radiates far beyond the physical.

​Rebecca’s attention is rich with a pure dedication. It is clear that she is putting her heart and soul into the healing words she speaks. she is highly creative; she brings forth abundant ideas that are personal, sensible and tailored to the individual. She is the ultimate partner and coach on the path to amazing personal growth.

With over 900 hours of trainings, certificates, and special studies, I am a forever student of the universe.  

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Find inner peace and live a more balanced life.

Kundalini technology combines mantra + kriyas + pranayama + mudras + meditation to fill your toolbox with what you need to align the body and the mind for total balance.

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