Pranayama: Sacred Breath

pillars of practice pranayama Jan 14, 2020
Yogi breathing exercises or pranayama, may provide a number of benefits, such as relaxation or increased energy.
In Kundalini yoga specific breathing exercises are used to raise the coiled up potent energy that lies at the base of your spine.
Whether they're energizing or relaxing, pranayama all serve to awaken and control Kundalini energy.

Three Basic Pranayamas:

Long Deep Breathing
A slow, calming exercise that activates your Third Eye chakra + Crown chakra.
Breath of Fire
A more challenging breathing technique that involves quick, forceful breaths. This exercise is cleansing and energizing.
Alternate Nostril Breathing
A basic breathing exercise used in Kundalini yoga, that alternates breathing through each nostril.

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