Mantra: Sacred Sound

mantra pillars of practice Jan 14, 2020

In Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of awareness, mantras are frequently used to balance the chakras and elevate the psyche.

What is a Mantra

A mantra is a series of repeated words chanted out loud or silently to enhance a meditational or spiritual state of being.
“Man,” means mind
“tra,” means transport.
Kundalini uses the power of sound as a vehicle of the mind.

Why do We Need Mantras

Humans are creatures of habit. We form thinking patterns, often times not self-serving thoughts because of our protective hardwiring and our own experiences. These negative thought patterns are stored in our subconscious. And if we are not doing the work to train our thoughts and mind to work from a neutral space, then we can end up overwhelmed.
Mantras help us break the negative habitual thinking patterns that lead to anxiety and overthinking by cutting through the stream of mind chatter with sacred vibration.

How do Kundalini Mantras Work

The power of Kundalini mantras is in the sound vibration and rhythmical repetition.
There are 84 meridian points located on the roof of our mouth. The movement of our tongue when chanting stimulates these meridian points, activating the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus regulates hunger, drinking, body temperature, sleep and triggers regulation of moods and emotional behavior.
Yogi Bhajan said that when we chant, the hypothalamus receives impulses from the repetition of each mantra and its vibration harmonizes our brain chemistry.
Mantras work as formulas or code that alter obsessive thinking patterns.

The Power of Sound Repetition

When we repeat patterns of thought and sound, they counter our habitual thinking patterns and break them. They release stored patterns of thinking and feeling allowing a new, more balanced pattern to establish itself. This can create a powerful transformation for those of us who are anxious because it redirects the stress response by adjusting the flow of thoughts and creating new energy.
You can chant mantra for healing, to keep your mind focused on your most divine thoughts, and to alter the energy of your space or mindset.
Simply start by playing mantra songs or repeating the Kundalini Mantra, over and over.
The more you chant a specific mantra the more comfortable you get with it and the more you will unlock its powerful benefits.
There are thousands of Kundalini meditations + kriyas that integrate mantra.
Read about the three basic mantras used in a Kundalini Yoga practice.

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