Pillars to Practice: What to Expect

pillars of practice Jan 14, 2020

A Kundalini yoga class is a unique experience in almost every class. sometimes a class will be more physically vigorous, while others might be more serene and meditative.

There are two types of new Kundalini yoga students. Most beginners are students who have taken a more typical yoga class (think Hatha or Vinyasa) or someone who has never taken a yoga class in their life.
I often tell students new to Kundalini to mentally collect all their expectations of a more "regular" yoga class and then..... throw it out the window. What you can be sure of is that ​a Kundalini class is usually laid out with six major components:
1) tuning-in with the Adi Mantra
2) pranayama or warm-up
3) kriya (a series of poses)
4) relaxation
5) meditation
6) tuning out with the blessing song and Sat Nam mantra
the typical class is 60-90 minutes:
  • 5-10 minute warm-up
  • 30-45 minute kriya
  • 5-15 minute savasana
  • 11-31 minutes of meditation
You can read more about the mantras for tuning in and out.

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