Grace: Projection of Your Truth

pillars of practice Jan 14, 2020

We are all destined to live in our brightness and beauty. Wearing white + covering our heads is a true and tried way to cultivate grace in our everyday lives and interactions.

“What is grace? “Grace is the shield of radiation or radiant shield which protects the pranic balance in your entire living system, not only with you, and within you, and within your psyche, but how you correlate to all other psyches in your communication of memory.
All who have gone before you, all who have to follow you. Do you understand what grace is now? That trust that others place in you is your grace. The word you give to others is grace.
Expectation of you being who you are is grace. It is a total sum of your personality, reflected by you. It is your Radiant Body.”   -Yogi Bhajan

Cover Your Head

During Kundalini yoga, covering the head with a non-static, natural cloth (like cotton or silk) and with the hair up is recommended. The idea is to move the energy upwards and keep it in the body rather than allowing it to leave through the head or crown center. It is not required.

When the crown of the head is covered (the Seventh Chakra), as  with a bandana or scarf, it can help to stimulate wisdom, inner knowing, and a more conscious approach to daily life.

When a turban is worn, it covers the temples which helps to stabilize the skull, tune the neurological system, and stimulate the Sixth Chakra, or Third Eye point, which helps to increase our intuition.

"The kundalini energy is activated by the radiant force of the solar plexus and moves upward in response to the solar energy coming down. This balances the body energy and maninains the total equilibrium. If the hair is down, unkept, or uncovered so that it is electrically imbalanced, this natural process of raising the kundalini energy will be impeded."
- Yogi Bhajan

White is the New Black

The color white expands the aura by 18 inches, protects from negative projections, deflects negativity, helps lift depression/uplift mood, and teaches one to be more graceful in one’s environment by heightening awareness of one’s surrounding.
Yogi Bhajan taught us that wearing all white clothing expands our auric radiance by at least one foot. A strong aura gives us a strong and solid identity and projection, and negative influences are automatically filtered.
When our aura is big – we can expand it up to nine feet – we feel strong, balanced, grounded and radiant, and can more easily handle the challenges of our daily lives with neutrality, peace, and calm.
When our aura is small, we feel depressed, weak, off-center and ineffective. It is believed that a strong aura can also help to protect us from diseases.
“All the colors are in the white light. You can absorb from the white light just the frequencies you need regardless of who you are because all the frequencies are in it.”
- Yogi Bhajan
It is recommended to wear white and cover your head while practicing Kundalini to achieve better results, but it is not required.

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