Divinity is an Inside Job

manifestos Jan 14, 2020

I have been known in my family to be the one who always took the HARDEST WAY possible to get what I wanted. It was oftentimes at the expense of my dignity, safety, heart, and more. Taking the long way around caused me so much pain. (I almost wrote unnecessary there, but really---that is a detail that is so significant to me now.)

And the truth is, I wouldn't change a thing about my life or the choices I have made or the situations that happened around me. At the time of some pretty traumatic experiences, I felt the world was always happening TO ME. 
When I incorporated the technology of Kundalini Yoga everything changed. I was faced with the truths of my own experiences and began to understand that my life was happening in Divine Alignment, but that I was just too busy trying to fill my needs with anything BUT my own divinity.
I learned that divinity isn't something to attain or seek. It is something I was born with. I just needed to get back on my throne that I rode in on. 
And that my soul sister & brothers, is what Divine Soul Sessions are all about.
Getting YOU back on the throne you rode in on. Because all that you are yearning for: peace//clarity//love//happiness/healing//TRUE power. 
Is your divinity.
And I would love to be the one to enable you to get back on that throne and get you set up to journey it all in your own divine alignment.
Are you ready?

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