Incorporating Oils into Your Practice

Feb 29, 2020

I have been practicing yoga for almost two decades. Using essential oils to enhance my practice is so routine, I almost don't think about it. I use them in my own personal sadhana and also in every class I teach. 

Essential oils can help set your mood and sharpen your focus, open you up for more expansive pranayama, and tap into emotional responses you are striving for. 

I love learning the physical attributes of an essential oil, and yet my passion is matching essential oils with their emotional associations. By knowing these associations, I can intuitively choose the right oils for my practice and classes that I teach. 

There are many ways to incorporate oils into your yoga + meditation practice:

  • Anoint yourself with your favorite oil on your soles, abdomen, and temples. Try applying a few drops of your favorite oils onto your heart, throat, third eye, or crown of the head. 

Always dilute oils when necessary by using a carrier oil in a roller bottle. Never apply hot oils directly on the skin. If you don't know, err on the side of caution.

Be mindful of not getting your hands or feet too oily, as this may compromise your ability to safely practice. 

  • Fill your practice space with the aroma of essential oils by using a diffuser or diffuser spray bottle.  Whether you blend several oils or use just one. Have fun blending!

  • Make your own yoga mat cleaner spray! Lightly spray an essential oil combo onto your yoga mat and then wipe dry.

Where you practice yoga (at home, in a studio, outside, etc) or how often you practice makes no difference. If yoga is a part of your life, incorporating essential oils into your routine will enhance your entire yoga + meditation experience.

If you would like helping find the right oils for you, message me at [email protected]

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