Lunar Cycles + Kundalini Yoga

Jan 14, 2020
Moon phases are so important to staying aligned with our own cycles and the cycles of the universe. Being in sync with the moon cycles can support us in our goals, mindset, and health. In Kundalini yoga, the moon phases have vast significance.
Your biofeedback moves from New Moon to Full Moon, and Full Moon to New Moon. There are three days of the Moon.  If you fast at these times you can bring your mind and health into balance.
- Yogi Bhajan
The three days of the moon are the New Moon, Full Moon and 11 Days after the New Moon.
Yogi Bhajan recommended fasting on this day from before the sun to sundown. There are many options on how you can fast. You can just drink water, or water with lemon, or water with lemon and honey. If fasting is too much for you, you can eat lightly of a single fruit or vegetable. The idea here is to reset the glandular system on these lunar days. This is one way to synchronize your energy with the biorhythm of the cosmos.
When you start to become more aware of the moon and her phases, you’ll begin to notice that certain phases have a great deal of powerful energetics. Potent healing and deep emotional work can be more easily accessed.

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